SCP LAUREL WREATH (Highest award given in Kappa Alpha Psi to members exemplifying extra meritorious achievement that are national or international in scope.)
*Donald L. Hollowell – 55th (1969) Initiated Beta Lambda (Lane College) 1940
*Samuel P. Massie, Jr. – 60th (1976) Initiated Alpha Delta (Fisk Univ.) 1939
*Gen. Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr. – 62nd (1979) Initiated Nashville Alumni (1969)
*A. Maceo Walker – 65th (1983) Initiated Alpha Delta (Fisk Univ.) 1929

ELDER WATSON DIGGS (One of the highest awards available to a member exemplifying meritorious achievement)
*E. Albert Dumas – 62nd (1979) Initiated Kappa Chapter (Meharry Medical) 1923
Louis N. Willis – 71st (1993) Initiated Beta Chi Chapter (Hampton Univ.) 1951
*James Michael Graves – 72nd (1995) Initiated Alpha Delta (Fisk Univ.) 1933
*Dr. James R. Mosby, Sr. – 74th (1999) Alpha Omicron Chapter (Univ. of Louisville) 1947
Leonard H. Morton, Jr. – 75th (2001) Initiated Alpha Theta Chapter (Tenn. St. Univ.) 1949
Ocie C. Pleasant, Jr. – 82nd (2013) Initiated Beta Zeta Chapter (Alabama St. Univ.) 1960

GUY L. GRANT (Undergraduate Members)
Walter L. Peacock – Initiated Alpha Omicron Chapter 1973
Thomas A. George III – Initiated Epsilon Rho Chapter (Western KY Univ.) 1979
Dr. Mark Rigsby - Initiated Beta Upsilon Chapter (Texas Southern Univ.) 1980
Gary W. Overstreet Jr. – Initiated Alpha Omicron Chapter (Univ. of Louisville) 2000
Kristerpher J. Smith – Initiated Eta Gamma Chapter (MTSU) 2008
Brennan H. Northington McMurry – Initiated Mu Rho Chapter (Univ. TN Knoxville) 2009
Jeremy L. Williams – Initiated Nu Rho Chapter (Vanderbilt Univ.) 2009
Solomon C. Puryear - Initiated Lambda Iota Chapter (Univ. Tenn. Chattanooga) Spring 2014
Denzel B. Washington - Initiated Nu Rho Chapter (Vanderbilt Univ.) Spring 2014

* Denotes Chapter Invisible.