Grand Chapter Leadership

33rd Administration of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

33rd Administration of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


THOMAS L. BATTLES, JR., Grand Polemarch
REUBEN A. SHELTON III, ESQ., Senior Grand Vice Polemarch
CHASTIN L. GAMMAGE, Junior Grand Vice Polemarch
CHESTER LEAKS, Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer
BRANDON T. GRANT, Grand Strategus
DENZEL B. WASHINGTON, Grand Lt. Strategus
CHAUNCY E. HAYNES, Grand Chapter Nominating Committee Chairman
KEVIN SCOTT, Grand Historian               

LINNES FINNEY Jr., ESQ, Grand Board of Directors Alumni
MATTHEW N. SIMMONS, Grand Board of Directors Undergraduate
RONALD V. JULUN, Grand Board of Directors Alumni
DEION L. GARNER, Grand Board of Directors Undergraduate
JIMMY MCMIKLE, Grand Board of Directors Alumni
EDWARD DESMOND TAYLOR, Grand Board of Directors Undergraduate


About the Grand Polemarch

My Good Brothers, 

I am Thomas L. Battles, Jr., and I am blessed to serve as the 33rd Grand Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. I would like to thank you for your votes of confidence in the 33rd Administration. I am certain that the entire team will serve you to the best of our God given ability. 

During my inaugural address, I announced the Kappa's Six Point Plan. This strategic plan will guide activities and services in our communities throughout Kappa Land. We will immediately focus on the following six focus areas: 

1.  Community Service
2.  Infrastructure
3.  Undergraduate Development
4.  Reclamation
5.  New Member Recruitment
6.  Executive Leadership Training and Succession Planning.  

We intend a broad and thorough approach to leverage Kappa's strengths, and improve areas of opportunities. This is ambitious, and together, we can accomplish this and much more. 

On behalf of the 33rd Administration, we seek your continued prayers, support, and involvement as we engage in continued achievement using the theme: "Rebirth, Reclaim, Recommit, by Leaving No Brother Behind."

Yours in the Bond, 

Brother Thomas L. Battles, Jr.
33rd Grand Polemarch



1911-1917 Elder Watson Diggs*
1918-1920 Irven Armstrong*
1921-1922 Dr. George F. David, II*
1923-1924W. Ellis Stewart
*1927-1927 Atty. Earl B. Dickerson
*1928-1930 Archie A. Alexander
*1931-1933 A. Moore Shearin*
1933-1935 Dr. J. Jerome Peters*
1936-1938 Atty. Theophilus M. Mann*
1939-1940 Atty. James E. Scott*
1942-1944 Atty. Carl R. Johnson*
1945-1947 Atty. Augustus Parker*
1947-1950 Atty. J. Ernest Wilkins*
1951-1952 Atty. Frank M. Summers*
1953-1954 Dr. W. Henry Greene*
1955-1961 C. Rodger Wilson*

* - Chapter Invisible

1961-1964 Atty. Richard B. Millspaugh*
1964-1967 Atty. Thomas Bradley*
1967-1970 Ernest H. Davenport*
1970-1973 Dr. William T. Carter*
1973-1976 Dr. Elbert E. Allen*
1976-1979 Atty. Hiliary H. Holloway*
1979-1982 Dr. Oliver S. Gumbs*
1982-1985 Robert L. Gordon*
1985-1988 Randall C. Bacon
1988-1991 Dr. Ulysses McBride
1991-1995 Robert L. Harris, Esq.
1995-1999 Ronald R. Young
1999-2003 Howard L. Tutman, Jr.
2003-2007 Samuel C. Hamilton
2007-2011 Dwayne M. Murray, Esq.
2011-2015 William "Randy" Bates, Esq.
2015-Present Thomas L. Battles