Senior Kappa Week 2016

Greetings Brothers All,
Your National Senior Kappa Affairs Committee invites all alumni and undergraduate chapters to participate to its fullest as we celebrate Senior Kappa Week May 15-21, 2016. 

 National Senior Kappa Week is designed for chapters and their Senior Kappa Affairs Committee to have at least one initiative during the week that is geared toward Senior Kappa's and/or senior citizens in their respective service area.  This is a week set aside, outside of what you already do as a chapter or a committee to recognize your Senior Kappa's and/or perform a  community service initiative for the benefit of senior citizens in your respective service area.

The possible initiatives are limited only to your imagination.

Seniors and chapter members attending church together Senior Luncheon
Visiting home bound Senior Kappas or senior citizens you may know in your community
Outings with Senior Kappas and Silhouettes Minor home repairs/yard clean up for needy seniors
Visiting nursing homes/local Senior Centers
Recognizing Senior Kappas at chapter meeting with a certificate of appreciation
Seniors Cookout
Volunteer to deliver meals to the elderly
Financial and scam protection presentations
Providing personal care products to home bound needy citizensor homeless shelters
Providing transportation to chapter events for Senior Kappa's unable to drive.

It's important that you communicate to your Province Senior Kappa Affairs Chairman what your chapter or committee did during the week so we can record all initiatives.    

We thank you in advance for helping make Senior Kappa Week 2016 one of the most memorable initiatives in the history of our Grand Fraternity.